Our Research Vessel


The initial design and yearlong conversion of Catalyst, under the expert guidance of Mike Rutzen, has resulted in a vessel fit for research and specialist filming excursions. With the emphasis placed on efficiency, comfort, communications and effective equipment redundancy; Catalyst is fast becoming the preferred vessel of choice.

Catalyst is an A-rated Dean 400 sailing catamaran, fully capable of being put to work anywhere in the world for any type of voyage. The new electrical control system by Mastervolt of Holland is highly state of the art and fully automated, with all manual overrides close at hand.

When operating at sea, for any purpose, high quality power availability is of critical importance.

Power and electrical

  • Blutec 3.5Kw silent type diesel generator;
  • seven solar panels generating a total of 580 watts;
  • 1000Ah of deep cycle specialist batteries.

All of the equipment is controlled by a Mastervolt Masterbus system. This allows full on-board control at all times and any maintenance or updating/fault-finding can be done via computer and satellite phone directly to the manufacturers from any location.

Our electrical equipment such as HDTVs, computers and specialist equipment is safeguarded by the Mastervolt 2.5 Kw pine sine wave inverter. To charge one’s phone or camera battery is easy with our 12V DC sockets or one can use the main 220VAC from the generator. All the lighting on Catalyst has been converted to run entirely on LED lights that are power-efficient, cost-effective and safe.


Catalyst is fitted with two on-board water-makers driven by the on-board generator that can deliver 330 litres of fresh water collectively. The tanks are located separately; with one at the aft starboard hull and the other at the aft port hull, making sure that one will not contaminate the other. Catalyst also provides emergency portable fresh water containers.


Our on-board communications include:

  • fitted marine VHF transceiver;
  • three portable marine VHF transceivers;
  • an Iridium Satellite telephone with dedicated external marine antenna;
  • And a dedicated cell phone (operating as a WiFi hotspot) with a passive antenna 17.5 metres off the deck for coastal cellular communications.


The Catalyst Nav Station features:

  • Garmin 4008 full colour chart plotter;
  •  Garmin 27X external high power GPS antenna and GR18 radar;
  • And Garmin 521s full colour chartplotter with its own GPS antenna which always operational in the cockpit.

Kitchen comforts

Kitchenware features include:

  • Three dedicated freezers;
  • 60 litre stainless National Luna freezers in each hull;
  • Fully automated Domestic stainless steel icemaker and refrigerator in the galley;
  • Four burner Kelvinator gas hob;
  • Medium size gas oven;
  • 220VAC microwave oven;
  • And 125 litre stainless steel National Luna freezer which doubles as an extra table due to its size

Catalyst is the new pride and joy of Shark Diving Unlimited. With this state of the art vessel, we are committed to furthering our efforts in shark conservation, research and education.