Shark Week 2013: Why you should support the campaign against shark finning

Shark fin soup is a delicacy that tens of millions of sharks have been killed for. Here are a few facts about shark fin soup that will hopefully prompt you to support the banning of shark finning.

Why are sharks killed for their fins?

Sharks are caught and their fins are hacked off for the Asian delicacy, shark fin soup. Their fins are used to make a gelatinous soup that is tasteless and contains no nutritional value. Shark fin soup is also highly expensive; one shark fin can cost up to $400. Shark meat itself is of low value therefore shark finning is done on the boat after which the sharks are thrown overboard where they die from suffocation, drown or are eaten by other fish.

Why should people care?

Shark finning has killed tens of millions of sharks to date. At this moment, every species of shark is endangered. The systematic destruction of the species has serious consequences for ocean’s eco-system. Sharks are necessary apex predators who have been around for 300 million years. They regulate the population of other species of fish and mammals by eating them as prey.

What can you do?

  • Support organisations that work to preserve sharks such as Shark Diving Unlimited
  • Sign petitions and support legislation that work to ban shark finning
  • Refuse to eat in restaurants that serve shark fin soup or shop where shark fins or shark products are sold
  • Spread the word by letting everyone know about the importance of campaigns against shark finning
  • Keep an open mind and educate yourself on sharks by watching educational programs or better yet, embark on shark cage diving trip.

Watch this video on how humans are destroying the ocean’s eco-system.




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